Nüans Life Country Furniture,



In 1975, our father Ayhan Demircioğlu Kadikoy Fikirtepe Demircioğlu furniture laid the first foundations. In the years when it was first established, our company, which is in the production stage of the furniture as a boutique, took the first step to the concept of am Producer Store aş with the power provided by its production knowledge and experience as Demircioğlu Furniture in order to take the situation one step further.

Ayhan Demircioğlu, the father of mark "Quality is hidden in details" N by the principle of N Quality is hidden in the "details“ since the year of millennium. In those years, since modern furniture was popular, it produced and sold this style furniture for many years.

After many years of experience, he joined Abdullah Demircioğlu as a graduate of the department of interior architecture. With the advantage of hosting an interior architect within the company, in 2010 the company focused on project-based works. This process led the company to produce furniture in many styles other than its modern style. In addition to his experience and knowledge, he has increased his ability to produce furniture in other styles and styles.

Today, when it comes to the production infrastructure of all furniture styles, our company chose the Country style concept as its main style. But the concept of boutique furniture did not give up.

Forget what you know, we're the best... With its motto, we are currently designing, manufacturing and selling Country and Boutique Style Furniture.