Art Deco Style Furniture

Art Deco Furniture

Current known as Art Deco furniture; It has influenced the field of decoration, architecture and industrial design and emerged in France in the 1920s and has influenced the design trends to the present day. Art Deco furniture comes to mind with sharp lines, marginal and useful designs are often seen in furniture preferences today.

Art Deco style furniture, which is created by combining modern designs, remarkable craftsmanship and artistic compositions of different materials, stands out as a decoration style that combines ease of use and elegance and never becomes obsolete all over the world. If you like modern touches of vintage details with asymmetric details, bright colors and contrasting dark-colored patterns interspersed in symmetrical designs, Art Deco furniture can be called just for you. Elegant yet elegant and flexible, this style offers many possibilities for a good decoration design with sharp lines and geometric patterns. Art Deco furniture, which you will prefer by considering the general decoration of your home, will be ideal for creating a European breeze in the whole atmosphere of your home when you choose the right colors and sizes suitable for your usage area.

Art Deco furniture designs are often preferred in black colors, bright lacquers, dark wood materials and details such as leather, satin, velvet. Art Deco style, which is thought to be more masculine (masculine) than other furniture styles, gives this effect due to its geometric designs and bright, classical color choices. In order to create a more feminine atmosphere in your home, it may be possible to decorate your Art Deco furniture with decorative details in softer tones.

If you like European architecture and decoration style, if you want to create a warm home atmosphere in cold style designs and geometric patterns excite you, it is best for you to choose Art Deco designs in your furniture selection.

The most striking pieces of Art Deco:

Large seats: Crowned with high cushions or supported by long leather armrests, the large seat designs are one of the highlights of the Art Deco style. Taking into consideration the dimensions and usage areas of your living room, the large armchairs you prefer will provide a very modern and stylish appearance when used together with the right combination of floor and wall.

Antique Inspirations: Wood materials are often preferred in Art Deco designs; but only if you give up the fancy details! One of the most prominent features of Art Deco is its stylish designs created between sharp and clear lines. Antique-inspired wooden pieces, combined with modern and straight lines, will add a lot to your decoration.

Glossy details: Glossy, shiny, leather or velvet-like materials used in frames, seat edges or furniture details are also ideal for Art Deco-specific designs. When used in a balanced and harmonious way, they can achieve palace atmosphere even in very small spaces!