Country Style Furniture

Country Furniture

Country (kantri is pronounced.) means rural as well as many Turkish equivalents. For this reason, as producers, we try to carry the features of rural life to furniture. If you are thinking of adding a new atmosphere to your homes, you may have mixed dreams after your search and complain that you cannot catch the style you want.

After these complex emotions, you realize that the style you are looking for is country furniture or country style furniture. If this process was discovered by you before making a purchase, you have solved the problem. With this in mind, we know it is our duty not only to make country-style furniture but also to tell you about country furniture or country-style furniture.

What is Country Furniture? It is the name of the style that combines and reminds us of our old houses and local houses with warm color combinations. Simplicity is considered at the forefront while it gives the atmosphere of a full house. This style is also known as an opposite style. Although it seems very different in terms of modern furniture, it fits in incredibly with modern furniture. Although country furniture varies slightly from country to country, it generally has the same characteristics.

Mainly known country style furniture;

  • American country furniture style; It is known as a style which has rough lines with rough appearance but is not preferred by us.) 
  • British country furniture style; The use of fireplace and floral patterned fabric is the most important difference that distinguishes this style from the other places. White and cream-colored walls and fabrics also describe this style. Turkey from known and is a preferred manner. 
  • French country furniture style; is the most known and preferred style by us. Fine motifs and light colors stand out in the Crimean furniture. After preparing French style country furniture, it stands out as a worth seeing furniture.

Country furniture has become one of the most popular furniture styles of recent times. With this understanding, we recommend you to examine our furniture.