Vintage Style Furniture

Vintage Furnitures

Vintage furniture in its shortest form means “recent history.. So if your furniture has a history of less than a century, it is referred to as vintage furniture. If your furniture has a history of more than a century, then it is called Antique Furniture.

What does vintage furniture mean to us? is the art of adapting the traces of the past to today's living spaces. This is the obvious point of departure with antique furniture. Also referred to as Scandinavian-style furniture.

Vintage furniture should be in style that reflects the prominent furniture trends, even for a hundred years. For this reason, furniture with Art Deco and Modern lines can also be Vintage style furniture. Stools, chairs, carved cupboards, coffee tables, armchairs, gramophones and music boxes used in the past are among the unchanging accessories of this style. In short, those who want to host the traces of the past in the house Vintage Furniture must think.