Provence Style Furniture

Provence Furniture

The French style of Provence furniture means my prairie age. The south of France, the Mediterranean coast and the mountainous region behind it, is known as the place where this style emerged. In addition, the lavender fields in the same region have inspired this style.

When Provence is mentioned, white-weighted colors and natural light colors come to mind. Therefore, they are generally matt and natural-looking furniture. Elegance, patina, aging, wrought iron and natural textured fabrics are among its main features.

Provence, which is a very independent style, has been the reason for the emergence of the style by reflecting the effects of vegetation and vegetation on the lives of the people living in the region for a long time. The abundant sunny weather and the intertwined nature of the South French houses have a predominantly white color scale, but the style has made it particularly light for accessories.

The fine details you should know when choosing this style; light shades of green, patina gray and cream color imagination, along with the sky's pale blue, pink color powder pastel, the softest of yellow, and of course the color application of lavender flower should be considered among your combinations. In addition, natural materials are in perfect harmony with this style. Natural materials such as stone, wood, clay.